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Our services:

Here at CMD Ceramics we can fix all Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Mosaic and all aspects of Stone based products from Natural Stone to Travertine with a precise touch that only experience can offer.

We will be pleased to work with you wither you have a vision or perhaps you have seen something in a brochure so with your vision and our expertise we can ensure your project is delivered with our two golden words on time and within budget.

We will also work as your advisors from the time we quote on your project till the day we hand over and put that final seal of finish on you project. That way working together we can deliver a successful end project that will fulfil your expectations and trust in us.


Going that extra mile for you:



Not only do we offer a fixing service but we can also offer that extra mile for all the little extra jobs that no one likes to do like so we can:




  • We can remove your old carpet and carry out any prep work so the area is ready for wood flooring or tiles.
  • And screw down any loose floor boards or even so replace floor boards if needed.
  • We can ply or re-ply your existing floor so it will be level to tile on to.
  • We can lay Ditra matting which allows for extra movement on the floor.
  • Underfloor heating mat (piped or electric)
  • Lay laminate & wooden flooring to your living room or bedrooms.


Floor & Wall levelling:


  • We will latex or level your existing floor base so we can ensure we have a smooth and flat floor surface to tile to.
  • Also we can re-plaster any uneven wall area’s or perhaps give your walls and fresh coat of plaster where they have cracked over the years.


Hygiene & Maintenance:


  • We can rake out and re-grout old and stained grout to your floors and walls and give it a new coat of grout to freshen the area up.
  • We can also rake out and silicone all the water tight area’s around your sink, bath or shower and using a new anti-mould silicone sealant we can guarantee any area will be left fresh and mould free.
  • We can strip back old seal to your original slate & stone floors which may have been damaged, and using professional products from our suppliers we can re-seal your floor. Please look at our Swalcliffe project to see the effect of this.


Repair & Maintenance:


  • Remove your old tiles to your floor & walls and make good if needed.
  • Prime your walls with BAL APD primer.
  • Replace any loose or broken tiles so no matter how small the area we will be happy to help.
  • Polish & buff up you’re newly laid marble or stone floor, removing any old seal and polish.

Get in touch with us with your ideas and get our advice. We'll be happy to help!

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