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The right choice for you:

When it comes to tiles you will always find yourself asking yourself the same questions like....


  • What type of tile do i go for?
  • Which colour would suit best?
  • Would the tile i like be strong enough for the area i want to put it in? for example kitchen floor tiles would be porcelain and not ceramic because it is a hard wearing material.
  • Would i need to seal it from stains?

These are a few everyday questions we get asked, so what we would do is have a brief chat about your project, arrange to view your project to familiarise and give you a quote and if successful we can arrange a meeting with our supplier to go through your options.


The tabs on the left of the page will go through the types of areas that tiles are used in. If there is nothing here to help you there of you feel unsure please feel free to contact us on 07969 916629 to discuss your needs further.

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